Saturday, 5 July 2008

Bit late for a spring clean...

...but hey! it so needed doing!! As of yet, I am still minus a Garden Studio!! and therefore have to make the most of what I have...a garage! It was the pits until about 2 minutes ago - I have gutted it with a little help from hubby (although he was far more interested in cutting up wood for the Chimmenea! We made time to go to our local primary school fete & took on board a legendary burger! I'm not feeling so good right now - but thinking I should sort something out for tea (late!)...Can't wait to get into my newly acquired space (garage!) & start making and perhaps even putting a few bits in my etsy shop!!!

My 2 little ones (Jack & Sammy) have been out with Nana & Gigi (my mum & dad) today on a train to Kings Lynn...quite a regular occurrence! and had some lunch there, whilst my eldest has gone out with his 2 best friends (Luke & Gary-TWINS!) & have had much fun trying out wrestling moves....we're desperate for Adam to gain a new interest but I think it's a long way off!

Anyway, tea does my husband!)

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