Friday, 18 July 2008

Woe is me...& Woe is Barney...

This is me today....a nice shade of white!

This is how I'm hoping Barney will be looking again very soon!

...I am suffering today. After a bout of sickness with the kids & also the Wheaten (Barney) (for who I should also mention has been extremely brave during his visits to the vets this week & has cost me a small fortune!) ...I now have a nasty cold & with no lemons in the house, I can't make my hot honey & lemon 'cure' drink. The Kids are particularly hyper, I think because the end of term is drawing nearer & nearer....They are full of beanfs & mummy bird is full of cold-not a nice mixture...but at least they don't let me stay ill for too long!

I've had one of those yucky days too today - lots of forms to fill in (for any of you who are carers to special will know what I mean!!).

On a lighter note (although still having to fill in a form or 2!) I was selected yesterday out of a whole bunch of people wanting to become a portage volunteer - which could lead onto real exciting things for me in the future - such as a career in social work etc - which my path seems to be steering toward.

It's also been a day of thinking & wondering what's around the corner...

Who knows?

Hoping the weekend will be a quiet one but nonetheless a productive one.

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