Monday, 6 April 2009

I'm half asleep...
's been a busy weekend but a very nice one...after feeling a bit down in the dumps on Friday, Erica (bless her), was going to come over with an enormous chocolate supply, but I have done so well resisting, & thought, actually, it wouldn't make me feel much better in the long instead, Erica came over, we lit the chimmenea & had a cheeky glass of wine, putting the world to rights under the stars...just what I needed!!

On Saturday, I went along with Nana & Gigi & the 2 little ones to Kings Lynn, where dad & the boys stopped and watched the car wash for about 2 hours (an obsession they have, the boys, not dad!!) & me & mum had a wander around the shops...then we all met for lunch & came back home & then one of our friends' had invited us over to his daughters' 18th birthday in a lovely little pub where we enjoyed a rather brilliant karaoke...some amazing singers & a rather delicious curry!!

On Sunday, we made the most of the sunshine & had a whole bunch over for a bbq and a small footy match, well, my niece & I on 1 team & Adam & my nephew on the other team...I'm the shortest, probably the one most under the influence & wearing little pumps on my feet & a skirt, suffice to say, out girlie team lost but only by a whisker! We had half time (which, fortunately for me, lasted for the rest of the evening) & we tucked into the homemade banoffee pie which I had made was lovely!!! A few more glasses of wine until the sky darkened and there we all sat, once again....mesmorised by the lovely warm glow of the chimmeneas...hope you've all had a
a great weekend too! xxx

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