Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I was a lucky mummy-bird...

...on Mothers Day! I was brought a lovely pink shirt & tank, courtsesy of White Stuff along with some lush long welly socks, a lovely new British & European bird book, beautiful handmade cards from my babies

& a very cute gingerbread mummy-bird gingerbread! I would have uploaded a piccie, but, I ate it...rather quickly...very satisfying with a cup of peppermint tea!...in my new tea-cups! & yes, peppermint tea - it's really rather nice...& aiding me in my constant digestion battles!! Too much info I know! & I really should make that next Doc appointment...but, I'm too scared!! We also went to see the Lion King for Gigi's 70th birthday (a little belated!) - it's the 2nd time that I have seen it, and, just as before, it stood the hairs on the back of my neck right up & I had to fight back all emotional tears...what a softie!!
Anyway, on another note, I was very pleased to find 2 little packages awaiting me when I returned home from work this afternoon...

...these have been made from a fab lady on a fan page on Facebook and are part of a little package that I am making up to send (care of my parents) to my little nephew Ethan & his new baby brother...when he arrives...anytime! It's all very exciting & I have managed to buy a few little lovelies for them & for Belle!
...and on a final, very satisfying note, I have managed to poach Goldfinches at last from my neighbour... See you soon xx

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