Sunday, 28 March 2010

I've accomplished sooo much this weekend...

...Friday saw me pop into town to buy 'pretty' things! I stopped by the flower stall on the market......I was home early, tidied the house from top to bottom, took Barney for a nice long walk, got my gorgeous "sit-up-&-beg" bike out of the garage, hopped on & cycled round to the post office to collect a couple of parcels, beads in one & a little Easter suprise for the boys in the other...(photos next week!) Sped off again to quickly get the little furry caterpillars above my eyes sorted! A guy came over to give us a price on having some more patio put at the back of the garden...I can see it now: pots, a couple of benches & a big square fire pit to compliment the little chimmenea we already have...lovely! We also talked about ripping out the kitchen, which is going to start quite imminently, a Smeg fridge is on order!! Whoooweee! Quickly cooked up some Chilli wraps, boys packed off to bed & large glass of Rose with "Rise of the Footsoldier" on brutal?! It was brilliant though!..even if I am a little bit warped!
Saturday, up early 3 loads of washing done, out on the line, a trip to the garden centre to get a new tree for the front of our house (only, I bought 2!), a beautiful Magnolia & a Crimson bottle-brush Topiary..I'll post photies when they're in full bloom. A quick tea, we have Easter egg bingo to get to at the bys special school...didn't do as well as last year but still came away with some lovely treats mmmm!
Today, I have ironed & put away clothes, cleaned the bathroom, done the weeding, planted my new trees, cooked 3 dinners ready for the family coming over this afternoon (we had a lot of fun-well, Ellie & I did!)....
After all the garden excitement this afternoon, I then made a bracelet for a colleague, wrote in the boys home/school diaries, made the packed lunches, showered the boys, read them a story & now, trying to have some wind-down time before I head up to Bedfordshire. It's been a lovely weekend though, although, I've been told off for doing too sister-in-law suggested that we should sort out a girly weekend sometime...perhaps somewhere like Rome, Barcelona...we are both rather partial, or maybe, just to a lovely English city, Bath or York perhaps? :)

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