Saturday, 24 August 2013

How do you present stress and worry...?

Mine comes in the form of very bad skin! 
Check that out for a spot! It's been a very stressful few weeks for me... Sammy goes from bad to worse with a climb in the amount of seizures he is now enduring... His behaviour has also changed dramatically & we are due to see a psychologist next month to try and sort some strategies..or at least get an understanding of what's going on in his little world :(
In other news, Adam turned 16 (how did that happen!) he makes me proud every single day and is changing into a very gorgeous young man! Jack, he's just Jack and he is starting seniors in his special school in September.. He continues to make great progress and his little brain is just like a little sponge.. Although we don't think he's taking stuff on board, he truly is and will remind us of it weeks down the road!.. 
Mummybird Pretties continues to strive and I'm so thankful for continued support.. Typing from the workshop right now in fact...! 
May update soon x

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