Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Mummy-Bird extraordinaire!...

...that's what I have been today!
I was up at the crack of dawn, cleaning my lovely bathroom which now looks even more lovely!, I dressed to little ones ready for school, helped them with their breakfasts, packed up their lunches, waved them off on the bus; gave Adam his Insulin, sorted out his breakfast packed up his bag to include a pe kit (that was too small!-therfore sent in a covering letter & additional money for larger sizes), wrote him a permission letter so that he is able to play rugby after school, packed up his lunch, sent him off to school; I fed the dog, then walked him 3 miles (in the rain-just to make a bloomin' change!) - but then, I think I am probably a ray of sunshine to lots of people travelling to work as they pass me - I am sure a look such a sight in my lovely pink wellies & raincoat!! - it's bound to brighten their start to the day!!

Anyway, where was I, ah, yes...my typical Mummy-Bird kinda day...I got a call from my friend, desperate for me to mind her little boy while she popped out, came home, washed the breakfast things, made the beds, hoovered, sorted out some paperwork and then off to pick little Sammy up from school; came home made him lunch, found 2 mins for a quick cigarette, then Sammy and I had about 1 & half hours off singing nursery rhymes laying on the floor, it was a really special little time...and Sammy's favourite (today at least) is...

It was then time for Adam & Jack to return home from school, and then I sat with Adam & helped him with his homework, read Jack a rhyming book (before he made a leap for YouTube!), wrote in their Home/School diaries, then I thought, I would make their packed lunches just before tea, so it's not quite so manic in the morning...I didn't get my first coffee til about 11am!!!

I made a lovely tea...(if I do say so myself!)... Tagliatelle, with smoked Salmon, leeks, mascarpone, parsley & a dash of white wine...honestly!, just a dash...mmm!

The boys weren't very impressed by it though, being Autistic & resistent to change, they originally thought it was 'spaghetti'...and were most disappointed when there was nor 'red sauce!!'..oh dear!

I bathed them whilst putting some more clothes away, dried their hair, had a quick word with my sister as Adam had called her via Skype, then set about ironing the 2 loads of washing that I had somehow managed to dry on this very wet day!! Think the airer helped!...

So, that has been my day...and now, sad I know that I already have them, but I love them...I am going to devour hot mince-pies with Vanilla Bourbon ice-cream...yummy yummy!!!

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