Sunday, 12 October 2008

Autumn days... the forest are just beautiful, the changing colours of the leaves, hazy sun shining through tall aromatic pines, the rustle of already fallen leaves beneath wellies & shiny conkers scattered around the soft mossy ground....they are all beautiful sights to behold but, on Friday, I saw something even more beautiful when I was lucky enough to accompany class P2's (Sammy's class) outing to High Lodge, Thetford Forest...there were 5 'special' children, including little Sammy and 5 very special women, supporting, caring, nurturing them all on their little trip. The children were so happy to be out in the fresh air & the sunlight, and every so often, I would rellish in hearing one of them recite a snippet of a song that they sang at school & when it came to picnic time, they all joined in happily to say their prayer before they began tucking into packed lunches...

Thank you for the world so sweet,

Thank you for the food we eat,

Thank you for the birds that sing,

Thank you Lord for everything.

Not only did they all try their very hardest in saying it word perfect, they also included the Makaton signs for each of the was something truly special to watch...and then I was in fits of giggles as I watched just the most delightful, only girl of the class, performing The Lambeth Walk in front of an audience of very bemused 10 or so year old mainstream children, also on a school outing!!

The day was slightly marred on the way home as a very sleepy Sammy endured around 15 seizures :-(

On Saturday, I was busy preparing stock for my first craft fair of the Autumn season, which was today, so Mark took the boys to watch Cambridge United secure a 1-0 victory - they were SO excited!

So, today, I've been selling my wares, along with the much appreciated help of Adam, and although the fair was from 10.30-3pm, I had written it off by 11am - but I was more than pleased by the count up at the end of the day...£120!! - very pleased so that's going straight into the Christmas fund!...roll on the next few fairs and my forthcoming open house!!!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend xxx

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