Friday, 31 October 2008

Halloween party 2008...

...went extremely well! I have been silently panicking all week...thinking *are all the lads too old for games?* & will I have enough food for 12 growing boys?!! - YES to both!! - we started with a giant wordsearch where I hid all the words in the garden, amongst the handmade lanterns, then it was time for the classic - Apple-bobbing!-no only do we do the orginal bobbing for apples in the water, immediately after grabbing an apple out of the water, the kids are made to 'bob' for a marshmallow in a bowl full of flour -Great fun! I asked the guys whether they thought they may be too mature/cool for a little spooky musical bumps - but they screamed no in return! and so went on bouncing up & down on the floor to Monster Mash, Time Warp, Witch Doctor...oh & Ghostbusters...classics!!! We had a quick go of 'wrap the mummy' which is always a popular one! They all worked up huge appetites so tucked right in to the banquet I had prepared over the last couple of days!!! After that we had a tilt at Halloween Karaoke & then I awarded Randall his trophy for 'Best Costume'. The kids, one by one left clutching onto their loot bags & wonderful cupcakes & that left me with my 3 & another 3 of Adams' friends, so we went out around the village Trick or Treating...when asked whether I was too old...I asked if I could have money to buy alcohol instead...well, I need it, I have had such a busy week...lost half a stone in weight by running around on little more than adrenalin I think! rest for the wicked though...craft fair first thing tomorrow....then having a nothing day on Sunday...can't wait!!! Hope you all have a lovely weekend xx

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