Sunday, 11 January 2009

Snow Cake... what I have just watched on BBC 2.
It's a brilliant film about a man travelling through Canada who picks up a teenage girl hitch-hiking. During their journey, they endure a car crash & the girl (Vivienne) is killed but the man (Alex - Alan Rickman), survives &, wracked with guilt, tracks down the girls mother, (Linda- Sigourney Weaver) to tell her how sorry he is...only to find that she is Autistic.
It's a beautiful account of an Autistic person, but painfully brought home to me what the future might bring...I won't dwell on it though - and will do all that I can to nurture & support my children & help them reach their full potential...whatever that may be.
If you were unfortunate enough to miss it....check out the trailer on the link below or see if you can get it on BBC iplayer or something!!!!'s well worth it & Linda even has a Euellers Disc...just like Jack & Sammy xxx

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