Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Another trip to the hospital...

....this time, it was an emergency! Adam had not been well since Friday night, at first we thought it was due to a tummy bug, but as the weekend wore on, it became clear that Adam was indeed not well. I took constant blood sugar tests from him - and they were raging, which is bad enough, but on top of that he developed high traces of Ketones in his blood & wee!....very dangerous...like coma dangerous! Adam was kind of in & out of consciousness & when I got through to our paediatric diabetic team, they didn't hesitate in sending us to Addenbrookes, straight through A&E, bypassing all the other people waiting with injuries & ailments (must admit felt a bit guilty-but Adam was my priority). We were seen immediately & after a bunch of tests, Adam was wired up to a saline drip as he was very hydrated, and, being that he only has 1 kidney, we cannot allow that to go dry!! As the day passed, Adams' condition began to stabilize but, for obvious reasons, we had to stay in overnight. We have today, had a meeting with the dietitian who has spoken to us about Carbohydrate counting & the flexibility it will give Adam to eat pretty much anything he likes...with Easter looming, that has got to be a good thing...just another thing for Mummy-Bird to have to think & worry about...but I'd do whatever is necessary to let Adam live just like any other (hormonal!) 11 year old!!

I am shattered, cannot wait to step into my lovely shower & curl up in my cozy bed...it's been a mad few days xxx

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