Sunday, 15 February 2009

Roses are red, Violets are blue....

....3 Valentine cards...I wonder from who???

Yes, I was a little surprised to find 3 cards on my door mat yesterday! - (that said, I must be slacking! - I had 5 last year!) Once again, no real clue as to who they could be from....although have a hunch that one could be from a very close friend!!

I had a lovely day, although it was marred a little by Adam being very poorly, he is a real worry for me at the moment...but I won't go into that just now. My mum & dad came to take the little ones, and I went for about a 2 hour walk in the beautiful crisp, sunshine, I took loads of photos, which I will put on here soon, just need to tweak them a little!

As for the romance, well my dad bought me some flowers (as he does every year!..Aww, love him), he also offered to treat Mark & I to dinner and baby-sit, but we had already sourced some amazing steak from our local butcher & had a very late meal (as tried to round the kids up to bed!), of steak, chunky 'proper' chips & huge mushrooms & peas with the most gorgeous peppercorn sauce that I had homemade (even if I do say so myself!!) all this, surrounded by hundreds of little candles...oooh!!...we decided to watch a movie & rather than a 'RomCom' or 'chickflick' - we settled for 'Cass', a true story of football hooliganism & about a black man living in London in the 70's, who came to be one of the most feared men in London...every 2nd word was a swear word & it was very violent...but it was brilliant!! I have a warped mind??...that accompanied with a great big pot of Ben & Jerrys' 'Phish Food' chocolate Ice-cream!!...lovely!!

Oh, and I am so proud of my youngest, Sammy...he collected his first star in trampolining, awarded by the British Trampolining Federation...he had to collect it in his assembly...little poppet xxx

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