Sunday, 8 February 2009

Blooming Marvellous!!!....

....well, that's what I think of my Amaryllis that I have managed to nurture into the most beautiful bloom! (normally, plants die in my not so green & very incapable fingers!)...I am so pleased, especially as it was a Christmas gift from my lovely cousins in Holland....thank you Xander & Katie xxx
The Mumford family have all been at one with Nature today - we ventured out to Scotsdale Garden centre, leaving Mark & FlapJack mesmerised by the fish, Adam, Sam & I went out to the garden sheds & played hide & seek until the other 2 joined us - it was a lot of fun - especially hearing Sammy's hearty little chuckles when one of us found him...
...we went back inside the shop & next week marks the start of National Nest Box week, (being a member of the Young Ornithologists Club when I was much, much younger-I like to do my bit still!) , we bought a couple of nest boxes for our lovely Chestnut tree in the garden, some fat snax balls for one of our feeders (with all this snow & frost around at the moment, it's hard for birds to get the nourishment & protein that they need to survive!) - we have also looked on the Internet & have decided that we are also going to buy an Owl nesting box (we have Tawny Owls - possibly Little Owls in our tree almost every night!), on top of that, I happened to stumble across some Hedgehog houses - they are just lovely & I absolutely love those prickly little folk!!...I can see that becoming a purchase on our next visit!!

I've also started back on designing and making a few new pieces ready to put onto Etsy & do the shop networking!!

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