Sunday, 22 March 2009

It's been a kinda nice Mummy-bird weekend...

....Saturday was such a warm, beautiful day...the little ones had gone off to Wimpole Home Farm with Nana & Gigi, Adam was over at a friends for the day, so I made the best of having some quiet time, catching up with household chores, making some more jewellery....I promise by the end of the week there will be some listings on Etsy!!!!!....
I stepped into the shower ready to go out for the evening with lovely Erica - and we had a ball...a few drinks out in the bars in St. Ives & then onto the Music Box, not very tasteful but we had such a fun time & I met some really lovely people in there ;o)

Today, we have been to Shepreth Wildlife park, which was lovely, if not a tad bit bloody expensive!! But the surroundings are beautiful and it again, was a lovely spring day & it felt lovely to feel the sun on our faces during picnic time!
Back home foe Jacket spuds & sausages, bath & bed....ready for an extremely busy week ahead :o(

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