Saturday, 28 March 2009

Easter egg bingo!......! what a turn out, couldn't quite believe how many people had turned out to support Highfield Special school tonight for this event! Around £600 pounds was made this evening, which will probably go towards another mini-bus for the students - which is Fantastic!! At first, the luck wasn't really on our table, but things changed toward the end, Adam had been marking my card, Mark (competitive as ever!) was glued to his & I was running after 2 little lads who couldn't quite grasp the concept of why we were in there school: A...on a Saturday, the dark & assembly or lunch time to bee seen!!! It was the last card, Mark took over watching the boys & I completed his card, I won 2 straight lines (a tin of Quality Street) and then I won a full house (a rather enormous Maltesers Easter egg!)...that will do wonders to my ever increasing tummy!!!

I have enjoyed a day at home in the warm, playing with the boys, and, actually, making some handmade this space!!! xxx

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