Friday, 3 April 2009

I just couldn't RESIST these...

....and feel just like Carrie Bradshaw (SJP - Sex & the City!), when they are on my little feet - I grow about 2 inches taller too which has to be a bonus!! I have bought them to go with a lovely Coral, asymmetrical dress & (whispering)...a new BillyBag!! eeeeekkkkk!!!. This may sound all a bit extravagant, but it is for a good of my closest friends is having a big birthday bash next week, and it's all a bit of a posh affair....cannot really elaborate as she doesn't know too much about it, her partner & I have been in cahoots & I know that she glances at my blog every-so-often!! & my present to her is at the end of the month; let's just say that she has had to take a little time off work....and she will ROCK!!!

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