Monday, 17 May 2010

Wondering when I last had a relaxing weekend...'s all good though! Fridays are my days off, & really, I should be spending them making, cleaning, washing etc. but I choose not too...I prefer to spend them doing nice things & this Friday was no exception - I had a lovely day with my lovely friend Erica; we headed over to Burwash Manor Barns for a little retail therapy; a close friend of mine has just had a baby girl, as if I needed an excuse! I was talking about my jewellery to Erica & I've been asked by one of the shop owners to bring some in...brilliant, great market, only one problem..time! The gorgeous tea-rooms were to full to bursting, with lots of new mummies proudly showing of their new babies, dressed from head to toe in Joules!...hmm! We were ravenous & so headed off to Orchard tea-rooms at Granchester..which was such a hardship...not!
After a super lunch of olives, goats cheese, warm ciabatta, we went back to my house for afternoon tea & lemon cake & Erica's lovely mummy came to join us! On Saturday, Adam decided that he needed new trainers for the annual Willingham fun-run, I had no car & thought that this could be the perfect opportunity to get him into town on his's hard, I wrap them all in cotton wool! Anyway, he managed to get a mate to go along with him, I took the bus with the little ones as far as Tesco & he then wandered off to Cambridge...he did great, was sensible, took the appropriate insulin when he ate, came back with change, however, minus the trainers! Never mind, I was just so relieved to see him walking up the road, even though he is bordering on 5ft 9, wearing size 10 shoes, he's still my littlen

So...back to the weekend...I took the boys & Barney for a long walk around some pits in St. Ives, trying to tire them out - with their little difficulties, light means day & dark means night, they are laying awake til 10pm because they don't think they should be in their beds & I'm not getting an evening! After our walk, we headed to Kelly's to see her beautiful little girl Tillie, armed with gifts, pampering gifts for Kelly, pretty things for baby, toys for big brother & a case of beer for daddy! We ended up staying for a take out as other friends came over too & left er...quite late! A text message from by best friend late in the evening asking whether we could go out with our cameras on Sunday, kind of made my Sunday plans up for me. Armed with flasks of tea, malt loaf & cakes, we went all over the fens capturing as many shots as we's been a long time that we shared anytime togetherr...even though we work together! but, proper time-& it was lovely, peaceful, warm & chatting about
everything - we're not very quiet twitchers!...

So, back to work today...on my cycle! She's back to her sparkling self following her recent, unfortunate-well for me!, puncture!!...

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