Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Phew! So glad that's over...

My gorgeous little Sammy had to have an EEG today to see what goes on on that little brain as he drifts off to sleep.. This is all following a convulsive seizure
he had back in July...he had to be sleep deprived which actually doesn't mean much to him..he's the child who needs zero sleep...even at 7 years old! We finally settled around 1am this morning & got up a little before 6an! He was a dear little boy during the recording, somewhat delirious afterwards though...just another bite in the bum for me, showing me the difficulties I face with all 3 of my beautiful children... There was something do lovely watching him last night as I made the felt flowers, ready to be made into necklaces... I've sold quite a few pieces today via myummybird pretties page over on Facebook..slightly worrying about having enough stock for fairs... The next few days, I shall not break from creating..have to get as much work done before the weekend as I am down in London from Saturday.. Well, Hampton Court on Saturday and London Saturday night & Sunday night...it would be fair to say that I actually cannot wait..I am in such need of a break!... Anyway, shall love you and leave you...I need to finish my book!!!!....******book finished!!******

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Lorna May said...

Poor little lad.
Hope it not too hard on you.

{Dab and a dash.}