Friday, 21 October 2011

Keep Calm...

...and drink tea & make pretty things! That is my plan for today! I am away in London for the next 3 days so trying to get as much done today as possible!...made some lovely things yesterday, have had Facebook orders which has been fabulous! And my little fairy dust bottles are being sold/favourite'd/put in a treasury ins daily basis over on Etsy... Sold my first lot of Christmas cards too! So....busy, busy, busy but I love it...makes me happy this organised chaos!...and feeling much happier than the start of the week!... So, Hampton court palace beckons tomorrow, tea in china town I think, Spitalfields & Brick Lane on Sunday & maybe Westminster Abbey on Monday...maybe with a little shopping....well, I have been working hard!... Hope all of you have a gorgeous weekend...lots of love x x x

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