Thursday, 13 November 2008

So I arrive at Haddenhams' Arkenstall Centre geared up to sell my bits & pieces and as I walked in I thought, wow! this is going to be a great night, the stalls were all lovely & a huge variety, and as the doors opened at 7.30pm there was a good, steady flow of customers (or so I thought!) Women were doing what women do best - talk!! & would occasionally peruse the delights in the hall & then I would hear "Oh, this is lovely - but I can't buy anything for myself as Christmas is just around the corner" & then I would hear "Look at this, isn't it beautiful, I could buy this for so-&-so for Christmas" & then would gently place a pretty little bracelet back onto my stall & walk off!! & the entire evening was much the same! - it's very soul-destroying when you have worked so hard!! Never mind, I still managed to pocket about £90 & have heaps more fairs coming up - perhaps things will improve or perhaps I shouldn't be so money hungry!-but, Christmas IS just round the corner!! ;-)

Anyway, that has been cast aside for now, I had my telephone interview today with a journalist from the Daily Mail about my story with my boys & what Christmas means to us etc & why it may be different to that of a 'typical' household. It was quite an emotional call actually (& my ear hurt after being clamped to the phone for 2 hours!!). The journalist told me that she felt very overwhelmed by the story & could have chatted about it all day - in fact, as she normally edits & publishes under a pen name in the paper - she is actually going to use her real name for our story! She is making the necessary arrangements for photographers to visit the house to take some pictures - she was slightly concerned about Jack being so afraid of cameras but I pointed out to her that, the article is after all about Autism, so if he has his hands covering his ears & happens to be sobbing (just like his passport & blue badge photo!) then so be it!!

Before I & make a Lasagne & pack the car for tonight's fair, I must just share my mums' text message to me:

"Well done with the newspaper sweet, always so, so proud of you xxx"

Now, where did I leave my tissue?? xxx

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