Saturday, 13 December 2008

2000 years ago....

.....was the title of this years beautiful Highfield School Nativity. I went to watch with various family members on Thursday & Friday &, as ever, it was an emotion-charged affair!!

I held it together on Thursday, until I looked over at Adam, who was uncontrollably sobbing at all the 'special' children, dressed as angels, donkeys, sheep, wise men etc. & when I asked him what was wrong, he replied "I feel so sorry for them all, I am so lucky that I can do so much & I love my little brothers"...this, coming from a Type 1 Diabetic with a kidney reflux disorder, & one remaining was the biggest pat on the back I have had - I was so proud of myself for bringing up this, well, awe-inspiring child - he truly is an angel. My dad leant across to Adam, held his hand, and whispered "They aren't sad Adam, they are all so happy, we are the ones that feel sorry & sad for them & really, we shouldn't" by this point, I was all out of tissues & the play hadn't even started!! It was a lovely play & very funky for a Nativity! Friday was just as special, although, Sammy endured quite a few seizures toward the end which was quite upsetting, but as I sat quietly, listening to "2000 years ago in Bethlehem, in Bethlehem, 2000 years ago, a baby king was born" ringing through my ears!, I took a moment to realise, just how proud of all my children I am, they have their little problems, but they are just perfect & as I glanced up to look at Mark, and saw tears rolling down his face with half a smile, I knew that he felt just the same xxx

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