Sunday, 27 September 2009

So, am I too old for bunches??... of the memories I have of me as a little (sorry, younger!) girl, is that I always had my hair in two thick lovely bunches...I think I was rather cute!!...nothing changes!! haha!! So, yesterday, I was beavering away at home, blistered hands after working so hard making up stock & enjoying a little bit of the sunshine!!!'s been another beautiful weekend!

I've had a fantastic week at work, supporting 3 different students, in very different settings...I have made tent-pegs in woodwork, have had a game of basketball in the gym & learnt what Julienne of carrot & Brunoise of onion really is, in catering!!...sporting a chef hat & apron too!!
For the first time, in as long as I can remember, I have said NO...I was due to take on a new Homestart family....but, I have bitten the bullet & decided that I am unable to support them at this time...something I have found very difficult....but as just as little volunteer, I didn't feel at all competent in going into this home. As much as feeling a little bit of a failure, I actually feel very proud of myself for being aware of my limitations, priorities etc. So, yeah, I have given myself a pat-on-the back!!
I'm missing my parents...they are currently in North Carolina, visiting my sister & her family, I would love to be there too...perhaps next year Belle?!! We've had the rest of the family here today for a BBQ...enjoying this beautiful weather...I am about to call it a day & get ready for the week ahead at work...and also busy sorting out my social diary...October is going to be a busy month...a wedding, a ball, a Halloween live band party & of own craft fair!!....See you soon xxx

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