Sunday, 4 October 2009

Poorly me.....

.....I've not had a fab weekend, I have been feeling a little worse for wear. I can't really explain it, first, I felt a bit feverish, then I felt a bit nauseous, not really hungry, very tired & very pale looking as you can see!...there is no sign of a curly tail growing on my bottom, so I don't think it's the dreaded swine flu (*touching wood as I'm typing this*)...but, it's me, I don't do poorly...just crack on!
I've had a pretty good week, I'm really loving my job & I've now been given my permanent timetable so I know which students I will be supporting each week...& I am soooo chuffed with the students I have got!! I learnt numbers in BSL this week, that is really coming along! I am practising at every opportunity!
I've made a bit more stuff ready for imminent craft fairs, done a bit of walking in the wind...I love that! Took the boys for a cuppa at Tesco, we went on the bus! It was fun! Then, at the bus stop, I think I put every one of their lunch, my skirt blew up in the wind & seriously, everything was on show!!...I was mortified! but was soon laughing again as Adam was, at this point, on the floor laughing at me! We've got a bunch of family members over this evening for Jacket pots & chilli...I've made an apple & raspberry crumble & I'm hoping I actually feel like eating it, it smells lovely!!
The Tesco shop arrived today, & I was teased as the delivery driver took a bit of a shine to me!...he was quite nice actually, but made it obvious that I may have been one of his favourite drops this morning!!

So that brightened my day a bit, & also the news that my folks got home safely after visiting my sister...looking forward to seeing them too! Another busy week

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