Saturday, 16 January 2010's a bit belated, but...

I've just been so incredibly busy lately...where do I start? I had the most amazing Christmas, but, as always, it was the run up that I just love! We did dinner in th
e style of Jamie Oliver & it was delicious! Our house looked beautiful & with a tiny bit of snow outside - it was all very picture postcard! Speaking of pictures, I have been using my camera, endlessly trying to capture different species of birds - with the big chill we are currently having, lots of unusual birds are making their way into more urban areas in a bid to find food...So, now we're halfway through January...Christmas seems such a distant memory - I thought about making some new year resolutions, unfortunately, failed miserably within a few days into the New Year - I think I have a touch of post-Christmas/winter blues...

I am slightly down right now - there has been a lot going on in my life of late that has really made me have to stop & think about things & then I get deep blah, blah, I have decided to chuck myself into my work, my creativeness & work my lil' fluffy slippers off so that I can get my new kitchen this year! I have been a little naughty already this year & bought a water rower which should be delivered anytime soon, & a brand new sofa (just an extra one to bring our long lounge in a bit!) I have orders coming out of my ears & a couple of stalls booked - so hopefully, I'll be cooking at the AGA I dream of in no time! ;-)
On a complete tangent...I am giving serious thought to doing a skydive for Autism later this year - one of my friends is sooooo up for it (I'm not good at saying no!) but, I'm bricking it to tell you the truth - what happens to my children if I have a heart attack or something - it would be, perhaps, a crazy thing to do?!!?!!
Anyway, it's getting late - I have a busy 'rest-of-weekend'

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