Saturday, 14 August 2010

Feeling a little deflated...

...after such a busy couple of months...there is nothing much to look forward to...apart from Adam's 13th birthday celebrations next week...yeah, you heard me! 13!!! when did that happen - so I am now the mother (oops! Mummy-Bird) of a teenager!!!...bit of a worry - I don't feel much older than a teenager, despite the looks!!......we had a fabulous holiday! and the weather was ok too which was an added bonus! was rather obvious from the outset that I am no rower!!......anyway, it was a really chilled out holiday...well, change of scenery for me rather than holiday - I still have to fulfill my role as mummy-bird! but it was a beautiful area & the boys seemed to have a great time too......mum & dad came & joined me for my birthday...we had a lovely afternoon on the beach, a visit to some gorgeous little craft barns and then a really lovely meal in a restaurant just over the road from our little houseboat...I have decided that I am rather fed up about spending my birthday on holiday each would seem that out of sight, out of mind...and my birthday often gets forgotten :-( although, I have made up for it a little this week, Saffron Walden for lunch & some of the work girlies over for tea on Wednesday and a night out tonight with one of my closest friends for belated birthday drinks...not that I need an excuse to go out! ;-) I'm hoping to have a sore head in the morning, that'll tell me that I've had a good night!...that said, I better not have too much - big family get together tomorrow to celebrate my nephew turning 18!! Oh, and then on Wednesday of next week, I have an appointment with the mental health team re. my little's been tough of late and I have bitten the bullet & realised, I'm not super woman...and I need a little help......well, as I type this, I'm wondering where the sunshine has gone? I want to get out on my epic walks again!!!...So, sorry, all I've done is moan on here today & I appreciate that many of you are going through far harder times than know where I am if you need me...even if you did forget my birthday!...x x x

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